Service for our Indian customers

Private companies

We offer our Indian clients advice and support for their entry into the German market or their existing business in Germany on the following topics:

  • Selection of market entry and market development planning
  • Preparation of market and sector studies
  • Search, selection and approach of potential partners and customers
  • Technical standards and regulations, certifications in the EU
  • Visas and residence permits for Germany
Market Entrance
  • Establishment / termination of branches / subsidiaries in Germany
  • Foundation / organisation of joint ventures / cooperations with German partners
  • Interim management
  • Administration of subsidiaries
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Support in finding and renting offices and flats
  • Support in negotiations with German authorities, partners, clients
  • Support in applying for EU certificates and commercial permits
  • Arranging contacts with banks, trade associations and authorities
  • Conclusion of supply contracts with German customers
HR- Development
  • Support in applying for residence and work permits for Indian employees
  • Intercultural training and preparation of Indian employees for life and work in Germany
  • Training of Indian employees on various topics, especially business management, law, sales in Germany
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel
  • Personnel management, retention of skilled workers in Germany
  • Training and further education of Indian employees
  • Establishment and development of sales organisations and sales processes in the EU
  • Development of customer segment-specific sales strategies
  • Design and implementation of sales controlling
  • Establishment and development of after-sales and customer service in EU
  • Customer development, customer evaluation, customer management
Shareholding and Acquisition of companies
  • Search, selection and approach of German target companies
  • Support and structuring of the M&A process
  • Presentation of the Indian company and the business case
  • Preparation and execution of due diligence
  • Advice on post-deal integration
  • Support of a reorganisation and restructuring
  • Support in negotiations with banks
Development of strategic partnerships
  • Initiation of R&D cooperations with German research institutions, companies, networks
  • Initiation of purchasing and supply chain cooperations
Investments of Indian Family Offices
  • Advice on financial and strategic investments in Germany
  • Mediation of contacts to target companies, funds, brokers
  • Support in the investment process

Public institutions and associations from India

In the context of your activities and projects in Germany or the European Union we offer the following services:

  • Planning and implementation of events and conferences in presence, digital or hybrid form
  • Conception and implementation of delegation trips to Germany,  also politically led delegations
  • Conception and implementation of matchmakings with German companies
  • Arranging contacts to ministries, authorities and organisations in the Indo-German business community
  • Advice on cooperations with German authorities and institutions